Financial decisions are never easy and when it comes to business matters that affect others, the pressure to make the right decisions are even more amplified. Avenel is heavily reliant on relationships to drive our success, but those relationships are only possible because of our proven ability to create value for the services we provide our clients.


Integrity is essential for every type of relationship and is shown in how we deal with our successes as well as adversity. At Avenel, we remember that our trust is earned each day we work with a client.

The future of businesses can hinge on any of the decisions made within our services, whether it means making sure a merger is a strategic fit and happens seamlessly, or whether we are providing access to capital that will change the nature of a clients’ business. Behind all of these decisions is our need to have our clients trust us fully and completely. We pride ourselves in the relationships we maintain today that have continued to grow from our initial deals, based on a proven track record of trust.


We say what we mean. We deliver what we promise. No curve balls. No balks. Just straight-down the middle delivery, always.

Acting in the best interest of a client is more than just a slogan on a wall or part of a mission statement at Avenel. Because we are a personal business, dealing with our clients directly at every level, we come to work each day knowing that the trust we’ve been able to build up with them is only as good as the trust we maintain with them through our ongoing interactions. At the core of that trust is making sure they know – and see – that we are always working honestly in their best interest, no matter what the situation.


Managing assets isn't typically associated with creativity, but Avenel's expertise includes thinking outside of the box on taking advantage of opportunities.

Throughout the years, we have learned that one of the biggest assets to successful financial management is looking at the challenges of our clients in non-traditional ways. Such creative thinking doesn’t equate to high-risk … Instead, it means testing out scenarios of lending or strategy that would actually mitigate potential risk by coming at a problem in a direction not yet thought of, from finding investment tools to fund growth to structuring of merger or acquisitions in a way that maximize long-term value.