Since Avenel opened its doors in 1999, we’ve relied upon a philosophy that puts creativity, trust, and value at the heart of every conversation, every interaction, and every effort we undertake for our clients.

With our work, we know that we are representing not only businesses, but business owners, employees, and their clients in deals that will have far-reaching impacts on their futures. We are also often representing our clients in areas where they may not be able to do so personally, so we are keenly aware that it is of paramount importance that we go about our business in a way that puts our clients and their financial well-being in the best position possible, whether we are representing them by proxy or sitting next to them in a meeting.

Having a trusted, experienced partner like Avenel in your corner ensures that you know your interests are always being represented as if we are an extension of your business and personal interests.


Avenel’s mission is to offer extraordinary financial service in a targeted grouping of focus areas, maximizing return for our clients through exceptional service.